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Wholesale Oral Care Products

Wholesale Oral Care Products from ReGo Trading. We are a leading wholesale distributor that stands behind our commitment to giving our customers the best prices around. We will worked to find the cheapest and quickest delivery and shipping.

If you are looking to purchase for your own household or you are a retailer looking for great deals to sell in your own place of business, ReGo Trading is your place to shop.

Maybe you go out and purchase goods for your office kitchen or school cafeteria and are tired of shopping around finding dental care for low prices then dragging the goods back yourself. Well let ReGo Trading be your all in one shopping mart.

To get a price list for all the products ReGo Trading carries please Click Here for the latest ReGo Trading prices.


Item# Description size Pack
11-001088-080 Close-Up Blue and Red 100Ml 144pk
11-113-14101 Pepsodent Original 6oz 24Pk
11-113-19120 Pepsodent B/S 6oz 24Pk
11-33200-22410 Pepsodent 8oz Original 8oz 24Pk
11-33200-20202 Aim Cavity Protection 6oz 24Pk
11-33200-25381 Aim Tartar Control 6oz 24Pk
11-33200-29780 Aim Whitening w/B S 6oz 24Pk
11-33200-22660 Aim Bonus Display (2 kind) 7.2oz 48Pk
11-33200-22450 Pepsodent Bonus Display (2 Kind) 7.2oz 48Pk
11-33200-74242 Close-Up Red Gel 4oz 24Pk
11-35000-51300 Colgate Reg 8.2oz 24Pk
11-35000-56685 UBrite - Cav/Prot Mint 6oz 24Pk
11-35000-56687 UBrite TP B/S Mint 6oz 24Pk
11-35000-56688 UBrite TP Ex-Fresh 6oz 24Pk
11-35000-56700 UBrite - All in One/Fresh Mint 6oz 24Pk
11-501001-3036 Crest Bonus Anticaries Protection 6oz 24Pk


Item# Description size Pack
11-12547-44303 Listerine Citrus 3oz 24pk


Item# Description size Pack
11-Oral-B Oral B Classic ToothBrush 8 12Pk

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