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ReGo Trading carries wholesale Purex brand laundry detergent, softener and bleach. Click Here

Purex Detergent It gives your clothes a real, deep-down clean that everybody can see, feel and smell—and always at a great value! Now formulated with Stain Fighting Actives, it removes stains better than before.

Welcome a new refreshing softness into your life with Fabric Softener. It will keep your laundry fluffy soft and fresh, control static cling and reduce wrinkles-without breaking your family's budget.

You are always contending with the most tenacious everyday stains in your family's laundry. That's where Color Safe Bleach can help. While it's safe on whites, colors and delicates, it will effectively remove such set-in stains as blood, grass, dirt, oil, wine and coffee.

To get a Price list on all other products carried by ReGo Trading please Click Here

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