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Head and Shoulders

ReGo Trading has a great special on Head and Shoulders Shampoo at low wholesale price. Call now to find out this super deal. Order your pallett or truckload today!

Classic Clean
Dry Scalp Care
Refresh / Ocean Lift
Smooth & Silky / Citrus Breeze / Extra Volume
Sensitive Care / Restoring Shine
Intensive Treatment / Intensive Solutions

Head & Shoulders classic clean Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp

How does it help?

It eliminates dryness, itchiness, irritation and 100 percent of visible flakes with regular use.

Keeping your scalp healthy is the first step in getting shiny, beautiful hair.

Scalp issues are very common. In fact, 50% of Americans have dealt with dry scalp and dandruff at some time in their lives.

Healthy, beautiful hair. Our shampoos give you all the shine and manageability of the leading cosmetic shampoo. So for soft, beautiful hair with an incredibly healthy scalp, think Head & Shoulders.

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